[vorbis] simputer

Kristoff Bonne kristoff.bonne at skypro.be
Tue Sep 25 12:44:21 PDT 2001


Today, there was something on the news of the 'simputer'; a very 'simple
computer' that currently is being developed in India.
(palmtop computer priced some 1000 Rs -which should be roughly some 160
It's based in linux and one of the ways it tries to be as cheap as
possible is by avoiding all kind of licensed technology.

Now, when browsing the feature-list, I noticed the following line:
"includes a mp3-player".

So, what is missing? ;-)
If the purpose of the vorbis is avoid all costs that have to do with
licencing; I guess vorbis should be part of it too.

Maybe something to look at!

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

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