[vorbis] compilation

Serban Udrea S.Udrea at gsi.de
Wed Sep 19 20:15:16 PDT 2001


I would like to compile the Ogg Vorbis libraries and tools on my Slackware
7.0 box. Unfortunatelly Slack is comming with gcc 2.91.66 which is not
suited for compilation of these libraries and tools. I downloaded,
compiled and installed in a separate directory tree gcc 2.95.3 but now I
really don't know how to make the configure script see it and set it
properly as the compiler to be used.

./configure --help didn't give any hint and this is the first time I have
two compilers in parallel on the same system and I have to specify which
has to be used.

I don't want to replace the older version of the compiler since, AFAIK, it
is still the better choice for kernel compilation.

Any help is appreciated.


Serban Udrea


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Serban Udrea
S.Udrea at gsi.de
GSI - Plasma Physics Department
Darmstadt, Germany

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