[vorbis] Ogg Vorbis and Bitrate

Jay Sprenkle cupycake_jay at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 19 10:18:44 PDT 2001

> On Sun, Sep 09, 2001 at 04:56:21PM -0400, Sterling Windmill wrote:
> > In Ogg Vorbis, does one kilobit equal 1000 bits, or 1024 bits?
> Kilobit is 1000 bits
> Kilobyte is 1024 bits
> Always (at least I really hope so!)

I assume you had a typo above, and you meant:

Kilobit is 1000 bits
Kilobyte is 1024 BYTEs

I've heard lots of discussion about it,
but what I was taught in school was kilo
was greek for 1000. In most usages "kilo XXX"
means "1000 of XXX". In electronics terms
I understand we use it collectively wrong
from a linguistic accuracy point of view
and define it as a power of 2, or 1024.

I was not aware that anyone was defining
it differently for bits vs bytes:
kilo means 1000 for bits, 1024 for bytes.

Who came up with that, and can we start
stomping it out as quickly as possible?
We really need more absurd inconsistant
rules in the world.

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