[vorbis] RC2 encoder status

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Tue Sep 18 03:30:33 PDT 2001

Magnus von Koeller (magnus at vonkoeller.de) wrote:

> As I take, the current RC2 release contains full 1.0 feature support (incl. 
> channel coupling). Does this mean I can now start encoding all of my music as 
> a ~128kbit/s ogg bitstream without fear of reduced quality? (As a relation: I 
> normally encode MP3s at ~160kbit/s)

128 kbps RC2 sounds very good, but it's not "perfect" yet.  A few of the
more sensitive people are reporting that it's disappointing (something
about "stereo hiss" whatever that is); the rest of us think it's adequate.

The lowpass for 128 kbps RC2 is currently 16 kHz; Monty says he plans
to raise that to 20 kHz for the next release.

If you're content with MP3 at 160, you'll probably find RC2 at 128 to
be an improvement.  But only you can decide that with certainty.

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