[vorbis] Our Sympathies

Tomi Jylhä-Ollila tomi.jylha-ollila at pp.inet.fi
Fri Sep 14 03:03:57 PDT 2001

The following is a message to be sent to the President
of the United States of America. Although we may not be able to do a
great deal from where we are, but for the people of America just
knowing we care and feel their sadness will help. Please put your name
on the following list and send it to all you know and who care. If you
are the 100th name and every 100th there on could you please also
forward this email back to myself on the below address, so "Our
Sympathy Email" can be sent. If you do not wish to sign please send
this email back to the originator. Thank you for caring

Anita Fowler
Purchasing/Travel Officer
Financial Services Division
Phone: 8946 6258
Fax: 8927 0379
Email: anita.fowler at ntu.edu.au

1. Natalie Sonenko, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
2. Anita Fowler, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
3. Dee Te Aho, Darwin, AUSTRALIA (Kia Kaha - Be Strong)
4. Kerry Davis, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
5. Jolene Couzens, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
6. Lissa Todd, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
7. Chris Todd, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
8. Simon Hill, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
9. Helen Couzens, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
10. Stephanie Sinclair, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
11. Frances McCann, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
12. Fleur O'Connor, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
13. Faith Woodford, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
14. Jenni Blackadder, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
15. Bonnie Edwards, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
16. Linda Menzies, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
17. Michelle Lewis, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
18.Jodie Heaton, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
20. Kirsten Kemmery, Dublin (Australian)
21. Jenny Byrne, Dublin, IRELAND
22. Olivia Brophy, Dublin, IRELAND
23. Audrey Cuttle, Dublin, Ireland.
24.Caitriona O'Grady, Dublin,Ireland
25.Michaela Halm, Dublin, Ireland
26.Donna Weldon, Dublin, Ireland
27.Jacky Dunne, Dublin, Ireland
28. Treasa McGrath, Dublin, Ireland
29. Jennifer Delaney, Dublin, Ireland
30. Catherine Ellison, Dublin, Ireland
31. Alva Clarke, Dublin, Ireland
32. Daragh Malone, Dublin, Ireland
33. Robert mulvaney,Co.Meath,Ireland
34. Sean Lynch, Meath, Ireland
35. Julieann Boland, Meath, Ireland.
36. Pamela McGann, Meath Ireland
37. Denise McDonnell, Mayo Ireland
38. Alan Barry, Waterford, Ireland
39. Eimear O'Halloran, Cork, Ireland
40. Ann Marie Lynch, Cork, Ireland
41. Michael Ruane, Cork, Ireland
42. Rob O'Hea, Cork, Ireland
43. Steven Kelly, Cork Ireland
44. Noreen Coakley, Cork Ireland
45. Vivienne Harris, Cork Ireland
46. Ger War, Cork Ireland
47. Mairead O'Brien, Cork, Ireland
48. Robert Copperwhite, Cork, Ireland.
49. Brian Quinlivan, Dublin, Ireland.
50. Stig Kullberg, Lovisa, Finland
51. Sanne Kullberg, Lovisa, Finland
52. Nils Kullberg, Turku, Finland
53. Marika Kullberg, Turku, Finland
54. Toni Ruottu, Porvoo, Finland
55. Tomi Jylhä-Ollila, Porvoo, Finland

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