[vorbis] new ogg stream

Magnus Holmgren lear at algonet.se
Sat Sep 8 04:10:14 PDT 2001

Peter Pawlowski wrote:
> Do you have any third-party Winamp plugins installed, especially crap like
> mp3pro decoder ? They tend to screw everything up, throw them away and try
> again.

I'll be d.*d. I didn't have the MP3Pro decoder installed, but a bunch of
other plugins. So I did a complete re-install of WinAmp and then ONLY
installed the Vorbis plugin, and lo and behold, it works (and it doesn't
use the IE proxy either)! At least for two different streams (dunno if
the others I tried were up or not). (Perhaps I should've gotten
suspicious when I got error messages like "MPEG header not found", even
when trying an Ogg stream. :)

That showed a minor problem: if a stream isn't available, there is no
feedback to the user at all. When I doubleckick on the stream, the title
says "connecting...". But if that connect fails, there is no change in
title, no dialog box or anything.

Now I'll add plugins one at a time (a couple of them at least), to see
if I can pinpoint the source...

Magnus Holmgren

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