[vorbis] new ogg stream

Gian-Carlo Pascutto gcp at sjeng.org
Thu Sep 6 08:33:38 PDT 2001

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> > I am firewalled below port 1024 at my ISP, but I have the proxy
> > set up and can stream Ogg without problems even in Linux, so that
> > shouldn't be the cause.
> >
> > Happens with all versions of the WinAmp plugin I tried, Windows ME,
> > WinAmp 2.76. (I've reported this here before as well)
> Works for me (as slow as hell, but plays at all; I'm on a 56k dialup).
> Make sure that you select proper proxy option in plugin configuration if
> are behind a proxy.

I have tried a variety of combinations in the plugin configuration
(including the proxy options) but the effect stays the same.

The data transfer starts (I can see the cablemodem light blinking)
but Winamp reports wildly fluctuating and incorrect bitrate and
samplerate combinations, and never outputs any sound.


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