[vorbis] channel coupling in rc2

Aleksandar Dovnikovic aldov at eunet.yu
Wed Sep 5 04:59:28 PDT 2001

Hello Gian-Carlo,

Wednesday, 05 September, 2001, 11:15:18, you wrote:

GCP> Actually, I've observed pretty much the same thing. Vorbis rarely
GCP> seems to encode anything over 19500-20000Hz even at the highest
GCP> bitrates. 
GCP> Since it doesn't lowpass there, my guess is this is an ATH or masking
GCP> issue, but I'm not sure. 

Yes it's probably an ATH/masking issue - but I think that's the way it
should work. So using the highest bitrates (256+) the encoder should
encode up to 19.5kHz-20kHz if there is really audible high frequency
content there (MPC works in the same way, right?). IMO the encoder
shouldn't encode past 20kHz under any circumstance since CD players
also cut-off at 20kHz.

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