[vorbis] OggEnc help file

Jonathan Stewart reaper at fogtree.org
Tue Sep 4 13:52:40 PDT 2001

>>I believe that this problem comes from oggenc sending the help message
>>to stderr instead of stdout. Under unix, both "oggenc -h > ogghelp.txt"
>>and piping the output to less or more don't work (for me). The only way
>>to read the output on dumb terminals with no scrollback buffer is to do
>>"oggenc -h 2> ogghelp.txt". No idea whether this works under
>>Windows/DOS, but I guess not.
>>Michael, does sending the help to stderr have any purpose I don't see
>>here? If not, I think it would be a nice idea to change that to stderr
I just verified this in Linux with RC2 oggenc.  The odd part of this is 
that i've never had the need to pipe to more or less because the help 
info doesn't fill my screen.  It's 2 lines less than the standard (non 
gui) console.  Perhaps that's why no one thought this was a problem. 
 However, redirecting output doesn't work.

oggenc -h > ogghelp.txt

till outputs the help info to the screen

oggenc -h 2> ogghelp.txt

*does* work, and makes a nice little ogghelp text file.

In my under-informed opinion, it looks like it's outputting to stderr 
instead of stdout.  Just as others have mentioned.

BTW, ogginfo pipes and redirects just fine for me.


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