[vorbis] vorbisfile weirdness

Erik Gustavsson cyrano at algonet.se
Wed Oct 31 10:36:11 PST 2001


I'm trying to write a vorbis plugin for my MP3/Music/Media player
(http://elmp-tng.sourceforge.net). I'm using vorbisfile, and
ov_open_callbacks() (to interface with my VFS layer). The problem is the
same using plain ov_open() though...

Some files play perfectly, while others (most) fail. ov_open returns
OV_EBADHEADER. The really strange thing is that both ogg123, and the
simple test program found in the vorbisfile docs
(vorbisfile_example.c) play the files perfectly. I really have no idea
what the problem is...  

The code is available at the url below, if someone would like to take a
look...   any ideas at all would be great. 



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