[vorbis] Re-encoding ogg-files at lower bitrates

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Wed Oct 17 18:04:54 PDT 2001

> I have some speech encoded at 140 kbps that I would like to have encoded
> at 40-60 kbps instead.
> Is there a utility for this?

Not currently.

Also, reencoding like this with rc2 will result in noticeably bad
artifacts.  There was a reencoded stream at 64kbps that sounded pretty
awful, and Monty determined it was a bug in the noise floor stuff (I
think).  This is fixed in current cvs I believe, and will be in rc3 as

While a tool could be written to help you peel your file, it wouldn't be
as good as it can be yet.  Peeling improvement is one of Monty's todos.
It should be a little better in rc3, and after that it should be very

In the meantime, you might try reencoding with rc1 and see if that yield
acceptable quality (current cvs probably won't do anything but 128kbps,
although you might try it along with downsampling and downmixing).


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