[vorbis] Is GCC 2.95.2 also unusable?

volsung at asu.edu volsung at asu.edu
Tue Oct 16 15:41:54 PDT 2001

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Philippe Tapon wrote:
> > On Sat, 13 Oct 2001, Philippe Tapon wrote:
> > > My .ogg files
> > > sound like they're being played by a CD player stuck on fast-
> > > forward. . . . And I wonder what the solution is.
> volsung wrote----
> > I think the problem is not with oggenc (the compiler issue you refer to
> > generates artifacts, but not fast-forward like behavior), but rather with
> > libao, the library that does audio output for ogg123.  If you are not using
> > ogg123, then I'm totally wrong.
> I got very good results playing the .ogg files I'd compressed with
> oggenc through xmms 1.2.5.  I take it libao was identified as the
> culprit and I'm to let the maintainer of the linuxppc libao know about
> the ogg123 bug?

Not quite.  I am the maintainer of libao, so this is mostly my fault.  The
problem is in the interaction between libao and the Linux PPC drivers.  I'm
changed the OSS plugin in libao so that it will now work properly in the
situation you reported.  If you are so inclined, you can checkout the latest
libao from CVS and compile it to get the fix.  Please do not contact the
LinuxPPC people as this is not their problem.

As a follow up, this is how the issue has been resolved in general:

The ALSA people have not responded to my request for clarification, so I'm
going to assume I found the correct OSS standard, and their implementation is
wrong.  As of yesterday, libao will compile the OSS plugin without the ugly
nonblock stuff by default.  That means libao should work correctly on all
standard OSS drivers.

However, if ALSA is detected during compile, the workaround will be compiled
into the OSS plugin, enabling it to work correctly on systems using the OSS
emulation by ALSA.  People who have OSS drivers (and don't have ALSA) and find
ogg123 appearing to lock up when then audio device is already in use should
pass the --enable-broken-oss option to the libao configure script.

Stan Seibert

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