[vorbis] OT: WinNT(2000) player to open files with unicode names?

SyP syp at dev-labs.com
Sun Oct 14 06:54:54 PDT 2001

Hello Jernej,
You wrote at 10/14/2001, 3:38 PM:

BC>> Most my music files have names in hebrew (FAT32 partition).  I dual-boot
BC>> between a hebrew win98 (where these files are opened nicely by winamp,
BC>> freeamp and any other program) and a hebrew win2000

Jernej> I think that this is more operating system limitation, than
Jernej> program limitation. I remember once I had to get a lot of
Jernej> files from floppies, which were written in Russian version of
Jernej> Windows (with Cyrillic names). Windows displayed all filenames
Jernej> as ______.___, and couldn't open any of them

There may be an OS limitation in the Win95/98/ME series, but Win2K
handles strange filenames quite good. I just created a textfile which
name contained cyrillic, ISO-8859-2 and ISO-8859-1 characters mixed,
and Win2K's Notepad opened it without problem (I tried it on NTFS and
FAT32 partitions as well). FAR couldn't open it, however. Neither
Winamp. Applications are the culprits, IMHO.

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