[vorbis] Is Vorbis really THIS good?

safemode safemode at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 11 17:30:25 PDT 2001

The problem with mpplus is that it's propriatary and non-free.   Regardless 
of how good it is, that's not an option most people are willing to make.  
We can use mp3 but it's shady, lame doesn't use any of the iso code anymore 
but the whole idea of collecting royalties and all is a possibility.  

On Thursday 11 October 2001 19:51, Andy (Dale) wrote:
> i recently found something that is called mp+, or mpc, which encodes waves
> and supposedly sounds better than anything out there.  it is variable bit
> rate and great, and it will encode like you said, at the bitrate in which
> it sounds good.

I wasn't looking for a codec that could encode quality-wise.  lame already 
does that.  I was just suggesting that libvorbisenc should do the same, or if 
it's client controlled,  have an encoder that does the job of allowing users 
to choose if they want size biased ogg files or quality biased. 

> >Would be nice to see oggenc or some other ogg encoder with the abiltiy to
> encode at whatever bitrate is necessary for the ogg to sound good.  Instead
> of guess and checking that is necessary now (which slows down encoding ogg
> files for cds quite a lot unless you dont care about space/quality
> tradeoffs).  There is no one bitrate fits all.  Lame accomplishes this with
> mp3."

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