[vorbis] RC3 ?

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Oct 1 19:01:50 PDT 2001

>And i wasn't really saying that lame could encode the ogg files with it's
>routines, I know it uses libogg and libvorbisenc etc for that.  I was more 
>concerned with lame's psycho acoustic engine which runs through the audio 
>before getting to the ogg encoder.   Thus it makes much more sense to use 
>lame to encode oggs because it's acoustic engine is fairly mature.  The 
>problem is that it's tuned for mp3s and not for ogg files.  So any real
>advantages that the vorbis format allows wouldn't be realized unless there 
>are some vorbis tweaks that are enabled when the --vorbis option is set or 
>whatever when using lame.  I'm just trying to find a way to not start from 
>scratch in building a high quality vorbis biased psycho acoustic engine.   
>Perhaps the answer is ripping Lame's psycho acousic engine out and making a 
>completely ogg vorbis encoder.  

This is completely and utterly wrong.
Lame just sends the audio data (raw, unmodified, audio data. Not processed
by lame's psychoacoustics in any way) to libvorbis.
libvorbis has a powerful, complete, and fairly accurate psychoacoustic
engine. Additionally, it's one suited to vorbis encoding, which lame's is
most certainly not - lame's wouldn't work at all, the whole approach would
be wrong for encoding vorbis.
And lame doesn't even support even vaguely current versions of vorbis, so
it's pretty much a moot point. Even when it did, the results of encoding
with lame would be identical to those of encoding with something else, like


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