[vorbis] Average Bitrate Calculation

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Oct 1 18:52:07 PDT 2001

At 09:32 AM 10/2/01 +1200, you wrote:
>Michael Smith wrote:
>> If you're just ignoring chained streams, then the length of 
>> the logical stream is obviously equal to the length of the file.
>Thanks for your reply.
>So there is no data block size anywhere.  In that case I will have to at
>least subtract the size of any comments since it could be considerable.  Can
>you please help with determining the size of the comment header packet.

There is a data block size. In every page. Ogg is designed for streaming, so
it can't be a single value.

You can either add all these up, or just take the total size and subtract
the size of the header packets (which are given by 
page->header_len + page->body_len, for each of the pages which contains
header packets (page->granulepos == 0)).


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