[vorbis] Performance tests

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Tue Oct 16 16:50:04 PDT 2001

volsung at asu.edu (volsung at asu.edu) wrote:

> time ogg123 -q file.ogg
> That way CPU usage is being limited by the playback audio device (forcing CPU
> usage to be approximately realtime)

Good point.  Let me do one of those.  And while we wait...

> and CPU time is not being wasted on
> printing the status line.

I think it's safe to say that the amount of time spent on that particular
part of the code is negligible compared to the actual time spent decoding
any realistically-sized Ogg file. :-)

... and now, the results.

jekyll:~$ time ogg123 /mp3/Tori_Amos/Tori\ Amos\ -\ Winter.ogg 
Playing from file /mp3/Tori_Amos/Tori Amos - Winter.ogg.
real    5m42.135s
user    0m54.190s
sys     0m1.310s

So: total CPU time 55.500 seconds, song length 342.066667 seconds (from
ogginfo), playback rate 6.16x realtime, CPU usage for realtime playback
is about 16.2%.

Strangely enough, this is less CPU time than was required to play that
same file to /dev/null.  Perhaps the fact that it was cached in RAM has
more influence than I suspected.  (And this box has more than enough RAM.)

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