[vorbis] Is Vorbis really THIS good?

Jernej Simonèiè jernej.simoncic at guest.arnes.si
Thu Oct 11 14:34:21 PDT 2001

Hello safemode,

11. oktober 2001, 23:08:13, you wrote:

> Would be nice to see oggenc or some other ogg encoder with the abiltiy to
s> encode at whatever bitrate is necessary for the ogg to sound good.  Instead 
s> of guess and checking that is necessary now (which slows down encoding ogg 
s> files for cds quite a lot unless you dont care about space/quality 
s> tradeoffs).  There is no one bitrate fits all.  Lame accomplishes this with 
s> mp3.  

You mean something like real, quality based VBR, and not current

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