[vorbis] icecast 2 testing

Dan Morrison dmorriso at cse.buffalo.edu
Thu Mar 8 13:13:51 PST 2001

> | hello,
> |
> | could someone test the my icecast 2 server? there should be a stream at
> | http://real.radiostudio.org:8000/vorbis, but I'm not able to listen to
> | it. I don't know if the problem in winamp or in icecast or in my
> | streaming application. You could also send a stream to it, it's the
> | default icecast password.

It does not look like it is running - see the outputs below:

[ttyp2 at dalek:/home/dmorriso @16:09] ogg123 -v http://real.radiostudio.org:8000/
HTTP Headers:

[ttyp2 at dalek:/home/dmorriso @16:10] bin/nmap real.radiostudio.org

Starting nmap V. 2.12 by Fyodor (fyodor at dhp.com, www.insecure.org/nmap/)
Interesting ports on audio1.medien.uni-weimar.de (
Port    State       Protocol  Service
21      open        tcp        ftp

< SNIP to protect the innocent ;) >

1025    open        tcp        listen
3306    open        tcp        mysql
6666    open        tcp        irc-serv
6667    open        tcp        irc

Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 16 seconds
[ttyp2 at dalek:/home/dmorriso @16:10]


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