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Wed Jun 27 10:47:19 PDT 2001

According to Jack, at the moment, Icecast cannot compensate for the loss
of stream by using tricks like 'SureStream' nor Peeling.  So, doesn't
it mean the steadiness of the stream largely depends on the traffic of
the connection of each user?  Then, to avoid pop-noises, user can but
adjust the stream with the minimum assured bandwidth? 

On Tue 26 Jun 2001 - 14:56:20, PDTJack Moffitt (jack at xiph.org) wrote:

>First, there are two things here. Peeling and negotiation. Do not lump
them together :)
>Peeling will be some combination of cascaded codebooks and choppin off
>the ends of packets as they fly by. Fairly easy, and probably not very
>resource intensive, so we could do this on the fly for every client.

>Negotiation is a protocol concern. Not a format one. For instance, >RealNetworks
SureStream just chooses between one of several >encodings(ie, a surestream
file has all bitrates included, it is not >peeled). In icecast, we know
when you've fallen behind. It's somewhat >harder to detect catching up,
but i think with some clever testing and >guessing we can come up with
something that works pretty well.

...Do I keep quoting Jack today, don't I?

---- Kristoff Bonne <kristoff.bonne at skypro.be> wrote:
> Greetings,
> On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Geoff Shang wrote:
> > > I must say that the 32kbps (or so) stream sounds pretty good, but
> there's
> > > occasional *pop* noises in it... are we just overloading the stream
> for your
> > > bandwidth available?
> > Shouldn't be - it's on a pretty decent pipe up there at UWO.  I mean,
> it's
> > on an ethernet link to the main university network, so I would guess
> not.
> I've been listening to this stream for about half-an-hour now. (earlier
> using ogg123, now using xmms); and I must say the stream is very good
> and
> stable.
> I haven't heart any pop-noises!
> Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

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