[vorbis] An handful of tags !

aardvaak aardvaak at ifrance.com
Sat Jun 23 04:14:42 PDT 2001

At 14:01 23/06/01 +0300, you wrote:
>On Saturday 23 June 2001 12:20, aardvaak wrote:
> > Sorry, I don't know why vorbis tags are better than id3... For
> > instance, I'm convince a "genre" category _must_ be limited to a
> > certain number of possibilities. This is far better for database
> > searching.
> > Of course, there is the problem of WHO is proficient enough to
> > decide what is a genre and what is not. Surely a distributed
> > decision...
>You're right... (and IMHO, overcategorizing music is bad) -- of
>course, you can probably notice the differences between jazz and black
>metal, but then... all those subcategories of, for example, metal
>and all the other music, I wouldn't use them when tagging my music.

* We could envisage a set of /primitive genres/ and a set of /secondary 
genre/ to ensure compatibility with, says, winamp or mp3.com genre 
categorizations. For instance, "black metal" would be a /secondary genre/ 
linked to the /primitive genre/ called /metal/ oe even /rock/ (but I guess 
that would be far too broad).

* Another possibility, compatible, would be to have *two* /genre/ entries, 
primitive and secondary genres. This kind of system is often use on 
cascading menu on the web, when you have to select your state. (I'm from 
Haute-Garonne, a department of France. When I select France on a 
registration form, a second list is initialized and change "Alabama..." (US 
states) to "Ain..." (France department).

You can see freeDB for more information.
Anyway the most imortant is to have a *standardized* categorization. I 
anybody there is in the webstandard.org organisation...

>Though I haven't yet seen use of the "Genre" tag in mp3/ogg anywhere.

You never had mines :-). I systematically use them.

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