[vorbis] An handful of tags !

aardvaak aardvaak at ifrance.com
Sat Jun 23 02:17:47 PDT 2001

At 17:17 21/06/01 -0400, you wrote:
> > TwinVQ and WMA tags are limited but Mp3 has a good tag system (although 
> the
> > "genre" category  could be improved).
>No, mp3's taggings [id3 and id3v2] are a mess.  The kids who invented
>these should have been forced to take a few software engineering
>courses before doing it.  id3 makes me itch.  It's true.  It gives me
>What it tries to do is admirable enough, but it could not have
>been implemented more poorly.
>Excuse me, I need to go wash my hands.  Ick.

It is possible id3tags are a mess .But hat else do we have.
Id3tags may not be good, but as long as I know, they're the best...
As you said, the idea is "admirable enough". Is there somebody else to work 
on a replacement ? I read an article about AAC tags, that sounded great.

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