[vorbis] Format comparison

Dave Sieber dsieber at mediaone.net
Wed Jun 20 20:24:20 PDT 2001

> I have to disagree a bit. Vorbis delivers higher quality in less space,
> removes the silence gaps that we have with MP3, delivers a better tagging
> system and also gives us bitrate peeling that removes the need for
> reencoding. How's that for solving some problems for the consumer?

I'm curious about the silence gap thing. I'm new to Vorbis, and have been
encoding some of my CD's with it. They sound great, BTW. Anyway, I encoded
an Eddie Izzard CD last night, a single live performance as 25 tracks on the
CD. I loaded them up in Winamp with the latest Vorbis plug-in, played them,
and there were definite gaps between tracks. Granted, much smaller than MP3
files, I think, but they were there and quite noticeable.

Is this an issue with the Winamp player or plug-in? Or maybe something about
the way I encoded them? (using CDex with the Ogg encoder that came with it,
"version 1.04, engine 1.04")


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