[vorbis] Announce: VCE v0.1.1

Matthijs creepingdeathnl at metallica.com
Sun Feb 11 04:48:09 PST 2001

On Fri, 09 February 2001, "Warren Spits" wrote:
> VCE is still lacking UTF-8 support. This is planned for the next release. I
> have already got UTF-8/unicode working on my Windows 2000 box. I just need
> to get Win 95/98/ME to work.

Maybe this is a very stupid question, but in what does "8-bit UTF-8" (v-comment.html) differ from ASCII + Extended ASCII?

All titles I read with vorbisfile seem ASCII to me.
> What is VCE?
> VCE is a simple dialog based application that can edit the comments in
> Vorbis (.ogg) files. Vorbis files can store a list of comments. Each comment
> is made up of name/value pairs. VCE allows the addition, removal,
> modification and reordering of the comments.

What about making the actual comment writing code LGPL and integrating it into the vorbisfile API?


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