OT: long - Replacing CD's? was RE: [vorbis] New type of copy-prot ected audio CDs are coming...

Erik Turner eturner at cfl.rr.com
Mon Apr 9 06:05:00 PDT 2001

That would be the Archos.
You can also get it with a 20GB hard drive (instead of 6GB).
The sound quality is a little off (among other things).

IHMO, the best one out there is the Personal Jukebox
buts it's also quite expensive.  However, it does have a
GPL'ed SDK so that you can roll your own PC/Linux side
software to scan/load it.

The claim of shock resistance is a little spurious (for both
units) since the way that they are getting the "shock resistance"
is to only access the hard drive for a few seconds every
7-10 minutes.  It is very shock resistant while the hard drive
is not spinning, but it is not while the hard drive is being accessed.

There was one guy that jogs with his and wanted a firmware option
to "warn" him audibly that the unit was about to access the hard drive
so he could stop jogging for a few seconds while it loaded the next
10 minutes of music ;-)

Erik Turner

P.S. There have been several requests on the PJB mailing list to have
support for OggVorbis but the firmware is proprietary and they use an
oddball DSP.  The firmware authors seemed to think that it probably
wouldn't happen because of this.  I think the reason was that they don't
have a C compiler available for this DSP.

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Mat Bettinson wrote:
> f> I saw a new player yesterday which was about the same
> f> size as a normal walkman, 6Gb capacity and labelled with
> f> a big "high shock resistance" sticker.
> Cool. Which was called what, exactly?

Mmmm...can't remember. It wasn't a maker I'd ever
heard of though.

It was blue and had big chunks of blue rubber on
the corners to protect it.

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