[vorbis] New beta bug reports/bug report

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Aug 23 02:19:32 PDT 2000

>> Ugh. I knew this was possible, but I didn't think any programs were silly
>> enough to actually do it. Oh well. I guess I'll be rewriting bits of the
>> WAV handling again tonight.
>What ?
>You were reading data until EOF instead of end-of-chunk ?
>"They never learn ..."

Yes, I was. Yes, it wasn't entirely intelligent. I'd never actually looked
at a wav file that did this, though, so it wasn't like I KNEW it was
neccesary. The method I used worked correctly with all the wav files I
threw at it (which wasn't a huge number), so I thought it was probably good
enough, at least until I got bug reports. 

The code is fixed, and about to be committed (along with a bunch of other
changes, mostly for neater portability). 


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