[vorbis] RDF Metadata Specification

John Morton jwm at plain.co.nz
Wed Aug 2 19:09:28 PDT 2000

On Wed, 02 Aug 2000 16:04:28 -0700 you wrote:

 > I've put together the first attempt to defining an RDF metadata
 > vocabulary for use with the CD Index/MusicBrainz/OggVorbis. If you care
 > about metadata issues, please take a look at:
 >   http://www.cdindex.org/MM
Awesome. It makes a whole lot more sense than ID3v2 ever did.

Here's a list of suggested additons to the music section of the spec, in
no particular order:

Include a canonical list of contributor title that everyone can work with
so I can search for all the tracks mixed by Alan Moulder in the next-gen
audio player app :-) A glance at the back of a couple of CD's I have handy
gives me this list straight up:

Recording Engineer (who mixed it)
Assistant Engineer
Mastering engineer (who mastered it)
Instrument Technicans (subtyped by various intruments if you care).

The film industry has it's own detailed set of roles, too, and I suspect
you could get a canonical list from the right place.

RecordingInfo can be broken down into the places it was recorded at
(studios and live locations), where it was mastered, and the rest (which
could be..?)

Artist could be an individual or a group, in which case we want another
structure to tell us who is in the group and what they did on this track,
so as to distinguish them from other 'outside the group' contributors.

Complement RemixInfo with CoverInfo; they are really similar creatures.
I'd prefer it if they both said that this track is a remix/cover _of_ the
track stated in their info (hey! include a link here to the original
song's metadata :-), as I expect that's how people are using id3 tags now.
Both these tags are going to want their own Title/Artist/Album/Link tags,
too. Also add a Remastered tag that includes who/where/when/what subtags
to separate out remastered versions of songs and albums. 

How about tags to describe samples used in the track? Link Remix/Cover
tags they'ed need to indicate the full vitals of the source of the sample.

MemberOfSubPart should be usable for music other than classical pieces (I
can't think of albums off hand that do this - maybe Antichrist Superstar
by Marilyn Manson, as I seem to recall it being broken into three
sections). We might need a complementry SubPart tag that indicates the
subparts within this track ie various releases of Dark Side Of The Moon 
have Speak To Me and Breathe as one track on the album.

Legal information often gets split between lyrics and music for some
tracks, with multiple publishers holding copyright on some tracks (ie the
publishing name of each member of the group, for example).

A chunk of namespace for audio software to play with would be fairly
useful. Of the top of my head I'd find storing min/av/max volume
information, a flag to indicate that this track segues into the next one
on the album, and some sort of 'run this piece of eyecandy while playing
this song' tag to be particularly useful.

Hope you find these suggestions useful.


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