[Vorbis-dev] Next libvorbis release?

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Fri Mar 13 07:10:18 PDT 2009

Ralph Giles schrieb:
> On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 3:09 PM, Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves <justivo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> What I know: last time I tried to do a pre-release, I couldn't get the
>> documentation to build.  There's a months-old thread about that which
>> I can't bother to track down on the archives, but anyhow, the
>> situation stood that someone would convert the entire thing to HTML to
>> go around the docbook problems.  That didn't come to happen; I blame
>> procrastination, but what do I know.
> Thanks for the recap, I'd forgotten what the todo list looked like.
> Not that just finding and installing an old copy of passivetex is also
> an option. Or you could try fop, which might cope with the output from
> xsltproc these days. That's less time consuming that porting it all
> back to html.
I've been experiemnting with fop in gtk-doc. Its a pita. sometimes 0.94
works better than 0.95, sometimes the other way around. I can send a the
commands needed to convert a docbook to pdf using xslt-fo + fop if
someone wants to try it.

> Even faster, check if there have been any spec changes since the last
> release, and if not, copy a built copy of the docs from there.
> I agree it sounds like time for a release.
>  -r
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