[Vorbis-dev] Can you provide me some information on music players using ogg.

Diptopal Basu diptopal.basu at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 09:52:17 PDT 2009

Hi Conrad ,

    Please pardon my ignorance ,  I am not so much aware of audio players as
such this is my first exposure to audio codecs . This is what I am looking
at , some audio player application that will expose some APIs ( I need to
use this to showcase an API testing tool and I thought it can be best
demonstrated using audio codecs ) which I can call to control the player ,
thats what you mean by control pipes I think ( if it is an IPC scenario ).
The player should be able to handle interfacing also , if you mean audio
file access .

   So some .ogg files stored at some location should be possible to be
played and controlled by the APIs supplied by the .ogg player . I will use a
an automation tool on this software to call the APIs . The player
application should reside as a shared library for me to call the APIs ,
right now I am not planning to handle IPC scenarios . So want to use the
same user space to run mu automation tool and the music player as a shared

   My board ( now a simulator ) is an ARM integrator 926 EJS board which
runs on Linux . The board has a LM4549 Audio Codec IC connected
through a PrimeCell AACI.  The LM4549 audio codec used on ARM’s development
boards has 18-bit ADCs and DACs. So in short without the ogg codec the board
can just record and play .wav files . Since I have a Linux port existing on
the board I hope that the .ogg player which I use should be able to use
standard calls to output audio through the codec .

Hope I have been able to explain the setup . Could you please advise .

Diptopal Basu

On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 9:50 PM, Conrad Parker <conrad at metadecks.org> wrote:

> 2009/4/7 Diptopal Basu <diptopal.basu at gmail.com>:
>  > Hi ,
> >
> >    I am planning to use an open source .ogg player on my ARM simulator on
> > QEMU ( for ARM Application Baseboard ) .
> >
> >  So far I have been able to bring up a Linux kernel on the
> > simulator . Right not I want an open source ogg vorbis player which I can
> > use to call the libraries and play some files . However the catch is that
> I
> > need the APIs exposed of the player application to me . I am thinking of
> > using the ovplayer 1.1 but that looks old ( 2002 ) . Can I use the player
> > still , please advice .
> Hi,
> what audio output are you using? are you writing the audio interfacing
> or do you want to use a player that already handles that?
> Perhaps you could just run ogg123 and use its remote control
> interface, where you can load, play, pause files over a control pipe.
> cheers,
> Conrad.
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