[Vorbis-dev] libao win32 patch

BeN [F1233 121D312] sashipa.ben at free.fr
Wed Apr 4 05:04:48 PDT 2007

Here is the patch for the win32 (wmm) driver for libao-0.8.6.

You will have to regenerate all autotools files:

I suggest :

aclocal --force &&
libtoolize --automake --copy --force &&
automake --add-missing --force-missing &&

With recent versions of autotools.

I used to compile with a cross compiler for mingw32. As there is a problem
with ESD detection (configure script detect local esd) , I have to force
disable. Here is my configure command :

./configure --host=i386-pc-mingw32 --disable-esd

Ben(jamin Gerard)
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