[Vorbis-dev] Where should I put an Bugreport of OggEnc

Rene Herman rene.herman at keyaccess.nl
Sun Jun 25 09:44:16 PDT 2006

Heino Tiedemann wrote:

> If this "european characters" are inside the track information, then 
> OggEnc v1.0.2 repleced them by an "#". The Filename is fine, but the 
> tag is always wrecked.

This problem was fixed 9 months ago but for some reason xiph.org seems 
to be vehemently opposed to doing actual releases:


At the bottom of that trac.xiph.org link mentioned, there's the option 
to download the patch as a unidiff. If you apply and recompile, it'll 
work again.


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