[Vorbis-dev] ogg only encoding

Stephen Whiters-Ridley s7ephen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 21:58:00 PDT 2006

awesome! thanks for the help. I am fairly far along using just libogg for
now, and if I can get the last of these EOS issues resolved I think I will
be near completion an ready to submit some stuff to xiph.org for
consideration in the pyogg release.

On 6/5/06, Conrad Parker <conrad at metadecks.org> wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 09:34:43PM -0400, Stephen Whiters-Ridley wrote:
> > So, I abandoned the hope of using the ogg python bindings to do pure ogg
> > container encoding.
> > I started looking at the libogg in the hopes of retooling the bindings
> to
> > follow a better object model
> > and it actually looks like the problem is down in libogg, not the
> bindings.
> > Am I crazy or does libogg  rely on libvorbis to return ogg_packets,
> > and that there are no functions that will build an ogg_packet for you
> from
> > your own data like an array of bytes?
> You're not crazy, libogg requires applications using it to construct
> ogg_packet structures. Fortunately for libogg (not libogg2), this is
> fairly simple, though libogg does not offer any helper functions for it.
> The building of libogg does not depend on libvorbis, and using libogg to
> do other things with ogg does not require libvorbis.
> > It looks like API users are required to fill in all the meta
> > fields of the ogg_packet themselves? Is this correct?
> yes. The fields of the ogg_packet structure (particularly the
> granulepos) are very dependent on the codec.
> btw. if you're writing python bindings, perhaps have a look at binding
> liboggz: http://www.annodex.net/software/liboggz/index.html
> It wraps libogg and provides a somewhat clearer API (IMHO ;-) It can
> also work out things like the bos, eos and packetno flags for you
> automatically, though you still need to fill in the packet data and
> granulepos; and it ensures that you don't insert invalid packets.
> cheers,
> Conrad.
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