[Vorbis-dev] MCPS for tremor

Parul parul.agarwal at einfochips.com
Thu Jul 27 05:44:34 PDT 2006



I had this doubt in relation to MCPS calculation for tremor:


1.	How to calculate MCPS for each decode? I am using this formula is
this right?

MCPS= (cycles * channels * bytes/sample)/(outbytes * 1M)


Where cycles are for one decode.

     And eg:    Channels = 2, byte/sample =2 and outbytes = 4096


            Is this equation right?


2.	I observed that while decoding the first frame (512 outbytes) takes
very high MCPS and corresponding frames take quite less MCPS.

Why is this so? Any specific reason.






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