[Vorbis-dev] Vorbis I specification errata

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Thu Mar 17 10:43:45 PST 2005

> While implementing a Vorbis I decoder, I have found a few errors in the 
> specification. After making the following changes everything works as
> advertised, thank you!
> Errata:
> 1.)
> In section 7.2.2 Floor1 header decode (on a side not wouldn't be the 
> logical number here, looking at the overall structure of the document?), 
> step 21  element element ([j] + [floor1_values]) should insted be
> element [floor1_values]
> 2.) 
> In section, step 15 [room] is mispelled as [root]
> 3.)
> In section, step 5 [floor1_step2_flag]' should instead be
> [floor1_step2_flag]' element [i]
> 4.)
> In section 8.6.2, after step 3 there is a step missing or it should be part of 
> step 3: [partition_count] =0 ; iterate while [partition_count] is less then 
> [ptns_to_read]

I've checked against the spec and you are correct on all points.  I'll
get this additional proofreading in place, and thatnks for taking the
time to send along the fixes.  Correct fixes are always appreciated!


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