[Vorbis-dev] [ANNOUNCE] Finally released a first beta ... =)

Simon OUALID symon at tatouage.fr
Wed Aug 3 23:13:24 PDT 2005


Maybe you remember, I needed help for writing a little java api for 
editing ogg comments' tags. I just have released on sourceforge the code 
I wrote for my need, for the case somebody would need it.

The standalone version contains the standalone API binaries, and the 
bundle version contains the sources and a little GUI for testing the 
API. I would have liked the code to be cleaner, but I really did'nt have 
so much time for it (was a part of a bigger radio/podcasting website 

jOggTagEditor 0.1 can be found at http://joggtageditor.sourceforge.net

Thank again for your help ! :)


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