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Wed Oct 13 01:39:24 PDT 2004

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> On Tuesday 12 October 2004 19:51, illiminable wrote:
>> > There's also the win32 sdk module if there are shared project files, or
>> > whatever.
>> Should i check it in in the same module... since all my files are VS2003
>> files... the old ones are VC6 files... and i've no way to check if the 
>> old
>> files are correct or not.
> You argued previously that VC6 was fairly old, probably no longer 
> supported,
> and that it could be expected that any current windows developer would 
> have a
> more recent version. I thought this argument was fairly compelling - I'd
> suggest just overwriting the VC6 project files (or if the filenames are
> different, deleting the old old ones).

I don't think getting rid of the vc6 ones is a good idea... because some 
people do still use it for various reasons. So having a half working set is 
probably better than starting from scratch.

And VC6 files can be opened by all versions.

The bad thing about them is they are fairly deficient in terms of the 
options available to the newer version of the compiler... so while you can 
open a vc6 project in VS2003, many of the settings will be default because 
they don't exist in VC6...

The most annoying thing in VC6 is you have to hard code all the link 
directories and libraries, in VS2003, you just go, this project is dependant 
on this one and this one, and all the links are automatic.

> Yeah, svn:externals is the way to do this, it's certainly possible (though 
> my
> experience so far with svn:externals is that it's somewhat fragile...)
> I'm not sure exactly what commands you need to use to set this up. Someone
> else might know - who set up the externals stuff in icecast?

I don't really know how to do this either.


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