[Vorbis-dev] packed ogss

Tony acarter
Thu Jul 29 03:57:57 PDT 2004


I've got a problem with packed OGG files taking a long time to open before
they start playing.

I have about 30+ OGG files that I have joined together, now the engine I am
working on has its own file management and when I use the OV open_callbaks
it spends a long time constantly seeking and reading in different sets of
8500 bytes inside the open_callbacks function, some time for as long as
20-30 seconds, I assume this is doing something to find out the information
for each of the individual oggs inside the packed file, is there anyway to
speed this process up, or not make It search for the info at all as I have
all the offsets to each ogg stored in a separate file. Or if it is not
searching for information can anybody shed any light on what its trying to
do in all this time.



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