[vorbis-dev] Dot Product

Christian Wassmer chwassme at student.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 18 10:35:43 PST 2004

Simeon Maxein wrote:

>>I don't exactly understand what they mean by "multiply each element of
>>the floor curve by each element of that channel's residue vector"?
>>Supposing one channels floor vector is (3,2,1) and the according residue
>>is (1,0,2), the resulting "dot-producted" vector will be (3,0,2)?
>>However, that's how I've implemented but it seems to be wrong. So what't
>>the correct interpretation of this dot-product?
> The dot product is a vector multiplication that is calculated as follows:
> (Ax,Ay,Az) dot (Bx,By,Bz) = Ax*Bx + Ay*By + Az*Bz
> So the result is not a vector, but a number. For your example:
> (3,2,1) dot (3,0,2) = 3*3 + 2*0 + 2*1 = 11
But how do I have to apply this dot product. I mean, I have to calculate 
a *vector* somehow with the floor-vector and the residue-vector - and 
not just a single number. Is it possible that they mean "cartesian 
product" instead of "dot product"?

Christian Wassmer

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