[vorbis-dev] New program "vmcut" to cut an ogg/vorbis file into multiple pieces

Daniel Wagenaar wagenaar at caltech.edu
Sat Feb 15 10:35:00 PST 2003

I've written a short program, "vmcut", based on Michael Smith's
"vcut", that cuts an Ogg Vorbis file into multiple pieces with sample
level precision. Would it be appropriate to include it in the vorbis
tools distribution? Who should I be talking to about that possibility?

The program is really small, so I'm including a copy in this mail. I
haven't yet set up a web page for it on my own site.

Regards, Daniel.
Daniel Wagenaar                          Pine lab
Caltech, MC 103-33                       phone: (626) 395 6787
1200 E California Blvd                   fax:   (626) 395 5700
Pasadena CA 91125                        email: wagenaar at caltech.edu

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