[vorbis-dev] Update on Vorbis RTP I-D

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Tue Feb 11 21:13:53 PST 2003

Segher Boessenkool <segher at koffie.nl> said:

> Phil Kerr wrote:
> >>I would agree that 64k is a save compromise.
> > Agreed.
> 64kB for books is _small_.  I'd rather see 256kB or such.
> Of course, for streaming purposes, you have to draw the
> line *somewhere*.

64 kB is _not_ small for streaming purposes (yes, you can argue that it's not
small in general, but we're not talking about generally here, we're talking
exclusively about streaming). 

Consider: this is reasonably likely to be the equivalent of several seconds
(15+ at lower bitrates) of actual audio. 256 kB might be over a minute.

I would consider 64 kB to be too large to be acceptable for streaming purposes
already, though to ensure reasonable headroom is available for future changes
it is not an unreasonably large maximum to have in the actual specification.


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