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On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 10:09:51PM +0100, Lourens Veen wrote:
> I think GStreamer already implements something similar to your idea, 
> using plug-ins for demuxers (Ogg) as well as codecs. I don't know 
> how suitable GStreamer is for smaller projects though, say if you 
> only want to make a simple audio file player.

totally unsuitable IMHO.

<p>i think the first need would be a function to distinguish which codec of
the vorbis family is used.

then anybody can be free to write his own, more or less simple, wrapper
on top of the codecs interfaces, ogg flac or speex.

i will do one, in multithreaded c++, implementing FIFO pipes to
encode/decode thru a quite simple API. it is the scheme i allready use
for my application MuSE, using parent class abstraction to implement a
common API for different codec libraries.
actually inchannels.cpp and outchannels.cpp does allready this with ogg
and mp3 files.

outchannels will include resampling routines by Matteo Nastasi.

comments are welcome, especially about the API: i will start from what
i'm using in outchannels.h and inchannels.h.

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