[vorbis-dev] Bug in vorbis documentation

John Ripley JRipley at sonicblue.com
Thu Feb 13 06:04:18 PST 2003

I've been tinkering (not very seriously) with writing a vorbis (and ogg)
decoder from scratch using only the documentation. I've got as far as
starting to decoding floor 1 without any problems. However, there's a
problem in the floor 1 header decode. Specifically:

22) [floor1_values] = [floor1_values] + [floor1_class_dimensions] element

hould probably be:

22) [floor1_values] = [floor1_values] + [floor1_class_dimensions] element

because floor1_class_dimensions has maximum_class + 1 elements and not
floor1_partitions elements.

Other than that, the documentation for everything else so far is very
precise and complete - I can decode files as far as floor 1 setup
successfully. One small gripe I do have with the pseudo-code style is that
the size of vectors isn't defined before usage. It's not at all necessary,
but it would be nice to check against.

Should I send any further documentation issues here, or into bugzilla?
There's isn't a documentation bug section, but I guess libvorbis would be
the place otherwise.

- John Ripley
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