[vorbis-dev] libvorbis on Classic MacOS

Timothy Wayper timmy at wunderbear.com
Thu Feb 6 01:14:38 PST 2003

>> The problem is that our classic MacOS build is currently under 
>> MPW/MrC. I can compile libogg/libvorbis fine (requires enabling the 
>> intrinsic alloca support), but there seems to be a problem with the 
>> code produced.
> Are there any warnings?  Do you enable Altivec?

The only warnings look harmless. MrC doesn't recognize the double 
paranethesis convention around intentional "side-effect" assignments, 
so there's a few warnings about those. Plus a few unused 
parameters/vars, including those caused by it using the slow "no FPU 
control" mode. Nothing horrible. There are no changes to the code 
required, except for the inclusion of fp.h in vorbisfile.c for rint(). 
Alternatively, the use of floor((x) + 0.5) for rint gives the same 

Hadn't even thought about Altivec, but I'll look into that immediately. 
I haven't enabled it, but I don't think MrC automatically SIMD's 
things... and I presume the reference implementation doesn't have a G4 
accelerated backend ;-)

I was concerned that maybe I was running out of stack space (since it's 
manually adjusted on classic MacOS), but I turned that up to a 2Mb's, 
and it made no difference.

> MrC worked fine, too (I used that even earlier).
> I recommend you do some more debugging; sorry about that.

Thanks for your comments, that's actually very helpful! Now I know it 
can work, I'll try a little harder :-)

Since the problem happens relatively early on, I'll run the same data 
through a machine running Vorbis 1.0 on another (working) platform, and 
compare it step by step with the problem case...

Tim Wayper

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