[vorbis-dev] Bride of vorbisfile questions

John Morton jwm at eslnz.co.nz
Sun Dec 14 23:53:11 PST 2003

On Monday 15 December 2003 19:35, Michael Smith wrote:
>  On Monday 15 December 2003 17:18, John Morton wrote:
>  There were a lot of vorbisfile bugs fixed between 1.0 and 1.0.1 - you
> could try checking bugzilla if you want to be sure, but it might just be
> easier to try the newer library. This does sound like one of the bugs
> fixed, though.

I'll give it a go, but I'll probably just stick with ov_open, seeing as that's 
what the plugin has been doing up until now

>  Vorbisfile deliberately only supports degenerate ogg vorbis streams
> (physical ogg bitstreams with no multiplexing and where all logical ogg
> bitstreams are vorbis). So you shouldn't really expect ov_open() to
> successfully open it unless all the streams are valid vorbis. In some
> cases, it might do so - but you should definately NOT rely on this
> behaviour.
>  Don't use vorbisfile at all if you're trying to deal with multiplexed ogg
>  streams (but be prepared to deal with a lot of complexity if you want to
>  implement seeking). Vorbis I players are only required (and really only
>  expected, since this is all vorbisfile supports) to support degenerate ogg
>  vorbis streams.

I'm basically just trying to get physical streams with chained vorbis logical 
streams to load into xmms as separate playlist entries. I've got it all 
working baring a corner case for seeking (there really needs to be 
ov_foo_total functions that treat link=-1 as the current link (like 
everything else) and another set for whole physical streams, but I'll work 
around it), but I thought it would be nice to be able to gracefully ignore 
logical streams that are something else (ie oggflac). 

At the moment you can ov_open files with oggflac lstreams further in the 
pstream, which is a bit of a mess, as that logical stream looks enough like 
vorbis for ov_info and ov_comment to return structs, but structs full of 
garbage and (clickity click...) these streams tend to stop play. It would be 
nice to either give up completely on loading or to be able to ignore that 
stream, if possible, but I think I might need to seek and try to play each 

Though as my motivation for hacking this is to work on the UI side of some of 
ogg/vorbis's more interesting features, I'm quite prepared to say 'don't do 
that' and wait for oggfile.


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