[vorbis-dev] cascading Ogg Vorbis encoded audio

Ciaran Anscomb ciarana at 6809.eclipse.co.uk
Fri Sep 20 00:28:21 PDT 2002

Rob Burke wrote:
> By cascading, I meant the following:
> 16 bit/44.1/PCM -> Vorbis 160 kbps -> Vorbis 128 kbps -> (insert codec
> of choice) and so on, perhaps up to 20 different encode stages.  [...]
> But the end goal remains to try and figure out a universal way to make
> audio codecs less prone to aural artifacts due to multiple encoding
> generations without adding any overhead.

You might be interested in the work of the BBC, et al producing the
ATLANTIC MOLE.  I don't know how specific to MPEG the work was, but
they tackled this problem (and the similar one of video degradation from
multiple encode steps) a long time ago...


(NB: I also have no idea whether patents, etc. are involved here.  It
might turn out to be completely useless due to them...)


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