[vorbis-dev] Vorbis is low on artifacts but EQ isn't good

Alejandro G. Belluscio baldusi at uol.com.ar
Fri Sep 6 11:25:23 PDT 2002

Hello MiwongShaib,

Friday, September 6, 2002, 12:57:24 PM, you wrote:
M> I have chosen RAR instead of flac or others for two reasons: first it allowed
M> me to put a text file together with the wav, second because RAR allows signed
M> archives: if a signed archive like that one unpacks, you can be statistically
M> certain that no byte is modified.
M> A lossless compression is not very useful if there are transmission errors :)
Actually, FLAC has a CRC and an MD5 digest of the wave data. And they
have a comments field that's just like vorbiscomment (not yet fully
implemented, but very close to ;-).

M> Furthermore that archive also has the recovery info, so you don't have to
M> download it again in case of small transmission errors: they get recovered.
Actually, those are different problems. If the you recieved wrong bytes,
then you need a digest check to have a certain degree of confidence on
having the original verbatrim. If you recived the wrong _number_ of
bytes, then you simply need to know _where_ did the transmission stoped
and simply continue from there on. This is a _protocol_ problem. So
using RAR or anything else doesn't helps in this case. On the other case
most file formats and stream transmission protocols have CRC checks and
is customary to have an MD5 of every file to verify the correctness of
the transmission.


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