[vorbis-dev] Serious, inacceptable artefacts with Ogg Vorbis

Michael Noisternig michael.noisternig at sbg.ac.at
Tue Sep 17 16:37:26 PDT 2002

 > I assume c't sent .wav files pre-decompressed?  Are you using any
 > playback postprocessing (like a 'spatial expander')?  The last time we
 > got a report like this, it turned out that the person involved
 > accidentally turned on 'stereo enhancement' on their amplifier, and it
 > mangled the decompressed playback (as Vorbis pulls stereo tricks that
 > badly confused the strereo 'enhancement' algorithm).

Something comes into my mind. I open my player and listen to the sample 
again. And I don't notice *that* strong artefacts anymore. I open the 
sound control panel and active 'stereo enhancement' and listen again, 
and there are these terrible artefacts again. Oh no!, now I remember, 
that I played around with some sound card settings about the time I 
participated in the listening test! What a stupid mistake! I feel so 

Yet these artefacts are still noticable, and I still wouldn't place Ogg 
better than WMA, MP3Pro and AAC because of them.
Almost not daring to speak anymore, maybe you could reduce those stereo 
tricks a bit?

 > Monty

Thanks, Monty!

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