[vorbis-dev] Re: How is 6 channels coupling made?

MiwongShaib miwongshaib at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 9 13:51:15 PDT 2002

> Gabriele,
> unfortunately there is no channel coupling used at all when doing 6 ch
> Vorbis encodings, thats why files are currently bigger than they should be
> ( had to be ).
> But i was bugging Monty already several times about it :-) . I am not sure,
> but maybe we'll see ambisonics support earlier in Vorbis than a proper 5.1
> support .. lol

Thanks for telling.
This makes things easier for me: it's safer to patch the bug like this

Just curious: is there any channel coupling when encoding 2ch (stereo) ?

Also I spot a link in which you were talking about how to couple multilanguage

I understand nothing about coupling but... it seemed like you had skipped the
most obvious coupling:

FL of one language coupled with FL of the other language,
FR of one language coupled with FR of the other language,

Isn't this the best way?
...or maybe I have not read the page correctly...

> BTW : did you test HeadAC3he and BeSweet also for 5.1 Vorbis encodings from
> AC3 sources ?

Yes, HeadAC3he, and the channels are not swapped.

> Are they swobbing channel oder as well ?

See details here

> --
> Christian

I'm not sure if I should release such a patching-filter to the public. I want
Tobias to fix that!
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