[vorbis-dev] How is 6 channels coupling made?

MiwongShaib miwongshaib at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 9 08:51:50 PDT 2002

Hello all, I'm using the directshow filters by Tobias. Yes I know they are not
supported here :)

The vorbis encoder (I really mean encoder, not decoder) by tobias works good in
2 channels mode, but with 6 channels it exchanges the order of channels while
encoding. The front center goes to the front right, and the like.

I have reported the problem, but Tobias gives no signs of life. I want to make a
directshow filter which exchanges the 6 channels in the opposite way, to be
applied before the vorbis encoder, so to fix the bug by Tobias.

But I'm wondering if this would be a complete fix or not, because I don't know
if or how Vorbis couples the channels when encoding; and I don't know if the
current OggDS Vorbis encoder couples the channels before the bug or after the
bug. Somebody who knows the libraries being used by Tobias could guess this
better than me. Please tell

<p>Also does anybody have a test pattern wave in 5.1 or 7.1? A wave where first you
hear a sound in the front left, then one in the front right, then one in the
front center, then in the subwoofer ... etc.?
This would simplify my tests alot.
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