[vorbis-dev] the reason for the gain of high frequencies

Sebastian Gesemann sgeseman at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Sep 5 14:12:48 PDT 2002

Hi, there !

I'm pretty sure that the following text (and attached picture)
explains the reason for the gain of high frequencies.

when quantizing a vector scalar by scalar by simply rounding
each scalar to the nearest level, the quantization-error-vector
and the original signal-vector can be assumed to be orthogonal
(average case)
This is a problem when we want to preserve the energy level
while using a low SNR, because a low SNR will lead to a large
error-vector which increases energy because of the
orthogonality property.

==> -------------- ~= sqrt(1+exp(-SNR*c+d) > 1

(again, this is the average case. 'c' should be around 8.6 and
'd' around 0.0 - i don't know for sure)

in the picture (see attachment) we can see that the gain is
correlated with the SNR within a frequency region just the way
i explained above...
(except for the freq-cutoff, of course ;) )

the current encoder only seems to care about the SNR
and not about the resulting energy level as well.

any suggestions ?


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